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PVC Detachable Trap-Inspection Chamber

Product features

The Inspection Chamber with a built-in 5-hope type (4 inlets) trap is easy to install and can discharge sewage while blocking odors from entering the building.

It is highly convenient to manage the trap as users can remove, clean, and exchange it if problems such as the accumulation of foreign substances or clogging occur in the trap.

Product specification

Application standard : KPPS M 303

Product composition

Product advantages

1) If a small amount offoreign material is blocked,the trap will automatically open as sewage builds up

2) Users can remove the trap to clean it or exchange the parts when clogged with a large amount of sewage.

Connection parts

The main body of the sewage tray
Inner Cover & Fixed Device
Wastewater End Cap
Reducer Coupling
PE Connecting Rubber Ring 2W, 3W
PE Support
Cast Iron Lid