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How to Visit

Head office and factory

How to visit

21, Seoheunggongdan 1-gil, Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do, korea
TEL. 82-63-540-1400
When taking the Honam Expressway

Seojeonju I.C. for Gimje (turn right) → Pass by Jeonbuk Polytechnic College for 100 meters and turn right at the intersection → Pass by Gimje Oncheon (Spa Land) and turn left at the three-way intersection between Gimje and Iksan → Turn left at the Heungsa intersection → SAMJUNG DCP Inc.

When taking the Seohaean Expressway

① Turn left at the West Gimje I.C for Gimje → Turn left at Seongsan intersection → Turn left for Iksan above the underground → SAMJUNG DCP Inc.

② intersection → Donggunsan I.C (for Jeonju), Gongdeok I.C (right lane) → Pass by Byuksung College → Turn left at Heungsa Intersection → SAMJUNG DCP Inc.

When taking the KTX train

Get off at KTX Honam Gimje Station (If you contact us in advance for the convenience of visiting customers, we will provide a vehicle.)

Anyang Business Department

How to visit

302 ho, Pyeongchon I-Park Apartment, 113, Burim-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, korea
TEL. 82-31-384-6844
FAX. 82-31-384-6843