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Imbued with a challenging spirit and passion for realizing our dreams

We at SAMJUNG DCP welcome you to our website.

We have remained resolutely devoted to sustainable management innovation and technology development despite being affected by external variables Not only that, but we have also been striving to contribute to building vital national industries and convenient lifestyles for the people at the frontline of the 'water-environment industry'by satisfying our customers with top products and service quality.

Our company's founding philosophy states, "We contribute to the national development and conservation of the Earth's environment by fostering open-minded talents and creating top eco-friendly products with outstanding technology." Under this creed, we have been tirelessly pushing ourselves to realize our vision of becoming "an environment-company that leads the 21st century."

As our company believes that any environmental issues and safety concerns are critical to how we operate, we are internally making our utmost efforts to produce upgraded products by advancing the manufacturing process and factory working environment. Externally, we are committed to implementing CSR in local communities to create a society where everyone can live harmoniously.

'Dream Completion Pioneer'
'Imbued with a challenging spirit and passion for realizing our dreams,' we, the executives and employees at SAMJUNG DCP promise you that we will do our best to carry out our role and responsibility as a corporate citizen to improve national competitiveness and development. We vow to transform our company into one that is more diligent, sound, and environmental-friendly.

Thank you.

Moon-seung Lee CEO of SAMJUNG DCP

Vision and Mission

samjung dream completion pioneer

'The challenging spirit and passion for realizing our dreams'

  • vision The environmental company that plays a leading role in the 21st century

  • Mission 3e company

  • Environmental Process

    Environment-friendly product manufacturing through the environment-friendly production process

  • Ease Function

    Simple and easy construction and production of convenient products

  • Evolution Technoloy

    Technology innovation constantly evolving


PVC Pipe Innovation

The establishment of a management system to create new technologies, new products, and new services that can lead the industry by advancing and maintaining optimal productivit Affordable prices, The establishment of a supply mechanism for high-quality products Building a customer-oriented company image to create the best brand value

CI Introduction

The meaning of the company logo

SAMJUM DCP's logo represents the Chinese character "人," which means people, and is associated with water. The blue circle symbolizes harmony, whereas the white line within the diagonal line represents a firm resolution based on trust and confidence. The line that embraces the circle represents the harmony of nature and humans.